Ordering prints

Unframed and framed prints can be delivered to UK addresses. Please ask if you want an unframed print delivered overseas. It does not make sense to deliver a framed print overseas! You can pay by posting me a cheque, or online with a credit card, debit card or PayPal. The following table gives a price guide for the most common sizes of prints. There is no VAT.

Width by height in cm Price p&p to UK addresses
23 by 28, unframed £40 Free
23 by 28, framed £65 £15
33 by 23, unframed £40 Free
33 by 23 framed £65 £15
43.5 by 30.5, unframed £60 Free
43.5 by 30.5, framed £95 £20
57 by 32, unframed £80 Free
57 by 32, framed £140 £20

The actual print area is usually a few mm larger than given above. Let me know if you require the exact print area to fit a mount. I can send framed prints if I have a suitable frame and mount.

The Pay Now buttons below should only be used after you have contacted me to check availability and confirm the price. Contact details are on the Home page.

Cheques should be made payable to Graham Jones.

Amount (30-60)
Amount (65-95)
Amount (100-145)
Amount (150-195)
Amount (200-290)